Whether you have outgrown your current premises, wish to move to a different location, are looking to buy or are a start-up looking for the first time, trading up or trading down, we can help you with the complex process ahead of you.

We will listen to your requirements and carry out an extensive search, which will also cover specialist, industry only channels and our private network developed over the last 35 years. We will then shortlist the best matches for you to consider, and attend viewings with you.

When we have identified premises that you wish to proceed on, we will use our expertise to negotiate the best possible deal and most favorable terms, and advise you throughout the process, including assisting with a potentially difficult exit of your existing premises.

Please call us on 020 7251 9226 or email us at to discuss matters further.

Rent Reviews

Do you have a rent review ?

We can provide you with expert advice in how to handle a difficult rent review , including negotiating with your Landlord to settle it by compromise agreement.

Where you also have a break clause, we can also consider whether it possible to use this to your advantage to settle a review favorably.

Should this not be possible, Jeffrey Rosen , BSc FRICS ACI Arb FSAC, can act as an Expert Witness in a third party determination.

Lease Renewals

If your lease is coming to an end, and you wish to renew it, there are a number of considerations you will need to think about.

As specialist commerical agents, with 35 years plus experience, we can advise you on strategy and the market terms.

We can act as a buffer between you and a difficult Landlord and handle the negotiaitons on your behalf, or if preferred we can be in the background orchestrating matters.

We can also provide a simultaneous search/acquisition service, as a contingency or a better option.

If your lease is within the Landlord & Tenant Act, and the parties can not agree on terms, our Chartered Surveyor, Jeffrey Rosen BSc FRICS ACI Arb FSAC is able to provide expert advice.